Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

Collars Have Ties

THIS CAMPAIGN HAS ENDED! - we're still waiting for confirmation of some kind that USA Network actually received all the ties.

The second "we want more White Collar"-campaign is set ashore, and we hope that everyone - no matter where in the world you live - will all participate and contribute again.

Since the first campaign with the birthday cards for Neal's birthday back in March was a big success that (according to Jeff Eastin himself) made a great impression on Fox TV Studios, we're now directing our focus on the other major company that can cause White Collar to come back: USA Network!

And why do we do this, you may ask? Well... Because Jeff Eastin suggested it!

To begin with he has mentioned on more than one occasion that sending ties to USA Network could help show them that we need more. And as late as June 23 he again said: "Deluge USA to improve WC chances. And yes... it all helps." (RedditAMA, see the news section for details)

We know that some viewers/fans say that we should just accept that the show has ended and get over it, but as long as cast, crew and not least creator keep saying that they would love to reunite and make either a movie or (even better) another season, we at WCCTV keep fighting, and we know that thousands of fans around the world do so, too.

So... This is it - the newest campaign: #CollarsHaveTies

Ties First Edit

It's time to go tie hunting!

Remember that you don't have to go spend a lot of money on buying ties. We suggest:

- Empty out your dad's closet
- Go through your husband's stack of ties he never uses
- Go shop on eBay for insanely cheap ties
- Find the ONE perfect tie for Neal
- Draw one on paper.
- Make your own of old fabric.
- Go to thrift stores or 2nd hand stores and find the cheapest, ugliest, most beautiful ties you can. The proceeds in some of these stores even go to charity which means that our crazy love for White Collar will be a win for local charity organizations around the world as well. What more can you ask for??

It really doesn't matter how the ties look, if they're old, if they're new - whatever. It's QUANTITY over QUALITY!

ALL TIES HELP - even those homemade ones of paper!

Send the tie/ties right away to:

USA Network
Attn.: Mr. Chris McCumber
30 Rockefeller Plaza
21st Floor
New York, NY 10112

Please enclose at least a note with these tags:

But if you want to write a message about your love for White Collar or why we need the show back, you are more than welcome to do so, too.


Here are pictures of some of the ties already on their way to USA Network. Please take pictures of your own contribution and share with us. You can reach us via email or post to us on Twitter or Facebook.

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