Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

The Book Project

August 15, 2014, was the day that the "Secret White Collar Project" was finally revealed to the cast and crew of White Collar. The project was photo books dedicated to the cast and crew of our favorite show and we name it:

The White Collar Journey

Each member of the main cast - Matt, Tim, Willie, Tiffani, Marsha and Sharif - received a personally made book consisting of pictures of cast members with fans, pictures of fans wearing fedoras, a little trivia, information about the fight for White Collar, and of course all of your lovely personal messages to each and everyone of them (and then some).

We also included a DVD with personal video messages and tribute videos. You can check out those videos by choosing the various menus to the left.

To see the books click the cover pages to browse all 74 pages of each of the 6 books.

Marsha Thumb Matt Thumb Sharif Thumb

Tiffani Thumb Tim Thumb Willie Thumb

On the day the books were delivered, one crew member, Jamie Silverstein, told us that he had been working on EVERY epsiode of White Collar, and he was very interested in buying a copy of the books.

When it came to our attention how much work Jamie has put into the show throughout the years, and because he contacted us directly and said that he would be happy to pay for a copy of at least one of the books, we decided to surprise him. Our team members in NYC went back to the hotel, did a bit of research online and contacted the rest of the team. We created a personalized front page, letter and a page dedicated to the crew of White Collar and put that together with most of the content of Tim's book (to get him the most of the rest of the content in the other books) and had a US based company print a book that was sent directly to Jamie.

Thanks to your donations we had enough money to pay for Jamie's book as well - so, Collars around the world, you didn't just help create 6 books for the cast members. We actually made 7!