Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

Calling all fans of White Collar!

The team behind White Collar Closure came together back in 2014 when the (so far) last season of White Collar was filmed and aired on USA Network. We're 12 people and a couple of bears from Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy and USA - spread over 9 time zones and almost 30 years of age - but we've found each other and become friends thanks to the brilliant show, White Collar, created by Jeff Eastin.

We originally created this page as part of the campaign to first of all secure a 6th season, but also in the hopes of bringing the show back when it was (in our opinion) prematurely cancelled. The latter hasn't happened yet, but let's just say that we haven't given up hope, and we know there's a huge gathering of fans out there who hope for the same.

For that please use #BringBackWhiteCollar in all your social media posts about the show - and of course follow us on Twitter and Facebook for faster updates!

Read more about what to do and why we do this.

In the Archive section you'll find more information about previous campaign and of course the White Collar mini convention that took place in New York City in 2017. You should check it out!

Thank you for visiting WhiteCollarClosure.TV

Collars United!

/Astrid, Ilaria, Isabelle, Karina, Laura, Liz, Meike, Melanie, Miri, Mozart (yes, THE Mozart) and Mozart Jr., Silke, Ulrik and Vicki.