Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

More White Collar

White Collar has ended as a series, but with only half a season and way too many open storylines.


We have a mission, fellow Collars. We need a movie, a mini series, a few one-shots, an entire season - no matter what, we need MORE WHITE COLLAR!

And now is the time to react! Why?? BECAUSE MATT BOMER IS READY! (and for the record, so is Willie Garson)

This new #BringBackWhiteCollar campaign has received comments, retweets and likes on Twitter from (so far) Willie Garson (Mozzie), Marsha Thomason (Diana), Hilarie Burton (Sara), Jeff King (executive producer, director, etc) and Bob DeRosa (writer). HELP US GET THROUGH TO EVERYONE ELSE!

We have already started spreading the idea out there, and we have received faves on Twitter from crew and cast members, some have even said: "Bring it on!", and since so many other shows get revived these days, why not White Collar? It's been 4+ years already!

What are cast and crew saying?

Briefly said: "They say HECK YEAH! Let's do this".

Click here to see more comments from cast and crew.

How do we get this going?

We need a huge army of fans to do this, but we also need to approach parts of this campaign from a business aspect. We will be working on the latter, but we need YOU to get as many people as possible on board. To begin with the important thing is to

- follow us on Twitter
- like us on Facebook

That will give us a possibility to reach each other and communicate, so please spread the word and get all fans and Collars to join in.


We have created a petition campaigning to bring back White Collar after Matt Bomer once again said in an interview that he would love to revive White Collar. Sign the petition and make your voice heard:

Click here to sign the petition - it takes less than 30 seconds.

Please be aware that you only have to type in your name and email to sign the petition. You can write a comment if you want to, and on the 2nd page you're encouraged to donate money to the petition site, but this is 100% voluntary, and you can just close your browser.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: You MUST confirm your signature via the email you'll receive shortly after signing, so please don't use a fake email address.


Furthermore, we need to make some buzz on social media. Please use the hashtag #BringBackWhiteCollar whenever you post about the show - and even more important add tags to the production companies:

On Twitter:

If you want to add @usatodaylife (since they published the interview with Matt Bomer bringing up the subject themselves) we might be able to catch a bit of media attention. Otherwise just tag any and all media sites or popular accounts that write about TV and actors.

Other accounts of interest are:


On Instagram these are the profiles, you'll need to tag:

Please use the #BringBackWhiteCollar tag whenever you post on social media, because it can be tracked, and we can gain attention through this.


If any of you have any connections or really good ideas on how to set ashore this ship of ours, please don't hesitate to contact us.