Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

More White Collar

White Collar has ended as a series, but with only half a season and way too many open storylines.


We have a mission, fellow Collars. We need a movie - or maybe even a network (hello FOX, you own the rights to the show, come on - let's get going!!) picking up White Collar.

We are not talking about a movie or a pick-up happening right now. We are fully aware that it will take time to come together, but in a few years we will very much appreciate if the cast and crew reunite and do for instance White Collar The Movie.

We have already started spreading the idea out there, and we have received faves on Twitter from crew members, some have even said: "Bring it on!", and if Veronica Mars, The X-Files, Sex & The City, and even all the Mission Impossible movies made it to the big screen from being TV-series originally, then why not make it happen for White Collar?

What are cast and crew saying?

Of course we have reasons to fight for more White Collar, and we are not just doing this for fun. We are actually working to support something that both cast and crew want to do as well.

We have gathered some quotes and responses from the creator, Jeff Eastin, as well as the actors and executive producers.

Click the picture to see why we keep fighting to bring back White Collar.

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How do we get this going?

We need a huge army of fans to do this, but we also need some kind of cooperation with the people behind White Collar. We will be working on the latter (with the help of all of you), but we need YOU to get as many people as possible on board. To begin with the important thing is to

- follow us on Twitter
- like us on Facebook

That will give us a possibility to reach each other and communicate, so please spread the word and get all fans and Collars to join in.

Furthermore you need to keep tweeting and posting messages on Facebook that you want (need) more White Collar. You should probably focus on reaching Fox Television Studios and the creative people behind White Collar (Jeff Eastin and Jeff King primarily).

On Twitter:

Or you can contact Fox Television Studios directly through their website.

White Collar Thursday

When White Collar ended it was airing on Thursday nights at 9 pm EST, and the tag #WhiteCollarThursday became a common expression. Now that we no longer have White Collar to look forward to on Thursdays, we suggest that we dedicate Thursdays to our quest for more White Collar.

Every Thursday we ask you to:

  • Tweet #WhiteCollarMovie or #MoreWhiteCollar (and please tag all people who can make this happen or need to know about our interest)

  • Post on the official White Collar Facebook page about the need for more White Collar.

  • Email Fox Television Studios (se link to website above). All Fox email addresses are constructed this way:

Please notice: Fox Television Studios own White Collar, so an old-fashioned letter to them about a possible pick up of the show OR a movie should be sent to:

Fox Television Studios
Att.: David Madden
10201 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

We also plan on suggesting a crowdfunding campaign to to engage the audience in the project and to show the people behind the curtains that there are enough people wanting this.


Some fans have created a petition campaigning for more White Collar of many of the exact same reasons that WE want more. Sign the petition and make your voice heard:

Please be aware that you only have to type in your name and email to sign the petition. You can write a comment if you want to, and on the 2nd page you're encouraged to donate money to the petition site, but this is 100% voluntary, and you can just close your browser. Your signature has been registered already by reaching page 2.


If any of you have any connections or really good ideas on how to set ashore this ship of ours, please don't hesitate to contact us.