Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!


Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Live stream with the White Collar main cast and Hilarie Burton TOMORROW, May 7 - plus very interesting tweet from Mr. Eastin.

More news already?? Yup, and you don't want to miss this part!

First of all, you need to tune in to YouTube Thursday, May 7 at 8 pm Eastern Time (*see list of more local times below). Our favorite cast is joining "Stars in the House" for a live stream benefitting The Trevor Project - and most importantly this will be the FIRST time since 2014 that we'll see the entire main cast; Matt, Tim, Willie, Tiffani, Marsha and Sharif plus one of our favorite guest stars, Hilarie Burton (Sara Ellis) together. This is a real reunion, people, and it's gonna be live for you to enjoy. You'll also be able to ask questions during the stream.

You can find the live strem here:

Furthermore, Jeff Eastin tweeted today that he's had a great conversation with Matt Bomer, and ... ta-daaaah: THEY HAVE A PLAN FOR BRINGING WHITE COLLAR BACK! He also indicates that it's gonna take some wheeling and dealing, but it seems like they're all on board for this to actually happen.


Peeps, this is what we've been fighting for - for more than 5 years!!

Now, what can you do??

You need to keep posting on all social media about White Collar, be loud, make some noise. Make sure to tag the official White Collar accounts plus Fox 21 TV Studios (primarily Twitter) and USA Network (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter).

You - of course - also need to tune into Youtube. The more viewers, the more they can see that the interest is there.

ALSO! Keep sharing and asking all your friends and family members to sign the petition. The link is:

These are so far the best ways to show your interest in a White Collar revival and to support the cast and the creator in making it happen!

Stay tuned!

* Examples of times for the live stream in various timezones (hopefully, we got them all right):
7 pm Central + western part of South America
5 pm Pacific
1 am (May 8) BST (UK) + central parts of Africa
2 am (May 8) Central Europe + South Africa etc
3 am (May 8) West Russia, Middle East and East Africa
5:30 am (May 8) India
8 am (May 8) China and Western Australia
10 am (May 8) Eastern Australia
Noon (May 8) New Zealand


Thursday, April 30, 2020

Could White Collar return? Is there actually a chance? The short answer is: YES!

This week has been full of White Collar buzz on social media, and if you're on Twitter you probably already know because that's where the most exciting things have happened. Let's share the news so far:

It all started when IMDB asked their followers which cast they would want to see reunite. We of course replied with the cast of White Collar. Another fan picked up on that and tagged Jeff Eastin saying that she was pretty sure that if he could he'd grant us that wish. What a thrill it was when Jeff replied to that on April 28 saying that he was working hard to make it happen.

However ... like that wasn't enough, a short while later Matt Bomer quoted Jeff saying that he better make it happen before Matt got too old to wear a fedora. A couple of tweets back and forth between the two of them spiced up with comments from Willie Garson, Hilarie Burton and Treat Williams, and Matt states: "Let's do it!"


That moment the fandom went crazy on Twitter. Our own timeline and our notifications exploded, and we don't even dare think of how many notifications Matt and Jeff must've received. People were excited to say the least! A couple of smaller news sites also picked up on the frenzy:

Read the article from Matt Carter media here
Read the article from ScreenRant here

The following the day, April 29, Jeff Eastin wrote a follow-up tweet stating that he was "All over it. Grinding gears into motion right now."

Fans are anxiously waiting for this ... Will it happen? Can it happen? And what will it turn out as? According to Jeff Eastin he's looking into all kinds of options including a movie and a whole season. He also said that "Fox owns the rights. With the current mergers, that means ABC & Disney are possible homes for a reboot. More to come."

So here's a suggestion: Start writing ABC Network and Disney Studios and ask them to pick up White Collar - we may not ever before have been this close to a revival, so please help us keep momentum!

We'll keep you posted with more updates when we receive them. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for latest news!


Friday, July 19, 2019

Sorry for the lack of updates - it's not like nothing has happened, we've just been too busy to keep the site updated, too.
But HEY - we're here now, and what's new then?


On July 9th a fan of White Collar asked Jeff Eastin (the creator, as you probably know) if there was any chance that White Collar would come back one day. To that Jeff replied with a picture of him and Tim DeKay from just a few days earlier when they bumped into each other on July 4. On top of that he added: "There's definitely a chance."


That of course lit a spark in many fans' eyes and for a couple of days the fandom on Twitter was busy (and we're sorry if Jeff E, Jeff K and the entire cast were flooded with messages) asking for, begging and pleading various production companies to bring White Collar back.

HOWEVER, there's a detail to remember since we first started fighting for a White Collar return.

At the end of 2018 Fox Television Studios (who owned White Collar) merged with Disney, so we're now targeting Disney Studios, ABC Network AND USA Network (since they used to air the show), but other interesting companies to reach out to are Hulu, Netflix and Amazon. Whatever it takes, make some noise and make your voice heard all over on social media.

Add to that:

The entire main cast met in December 2018 for a reunion dinner (Willie said it was Tim's and Matt's idea, and Willie provided the restaurant). For us fans that was an amazing moment, because we clearly saw how they all still love each other and fit perfectly together - just as we remember them from the show, the chemistry is most definitely still there!


Monday, February 13, 2017

If you thought we'd stopped fighting for more White Collar you've been mistaken, and as it turns out we're not the only ones wanting a revival of this brilliant show.

A little while ago the TV news site started a section called "Revivals" in which they one by one lists shows that have been canceled and ask the readers what they'd think of a revival. 2 days ago the show in question was ... White Collar! First of all, the site praises the show (no wonder) and argues why it would be a good idea to revive White Collar, but second of all - and probably most important - is the poll at the bottom of the site. As these words are written the poll says that almost 99% of the readers would like to see White Collar back. 99%!

We plan on letting both Jeff Eastin, Fox TV Studios, USA Network and the cast members know by tweeting them. Hopefully, it'll make them think since this comes from a page which isn't just (as we are) working in favor of White Collar.

You can read the article here - and of course leave your vote in the poll at the bottom.

TV Revivals: Imagining a 'White Collar' season 7 featuring Matt Bomer and more


Monday, January 9, 2017
Missing Keller? Watch Ross McCall's movie In Embryo on iTunes now.

Many Collars fell in love with Ross McCall's as their favorite villain on White Collar, and now you can enjoy Ross in a completely different role as the main character, Saun, of the new movie, In Embryo (written, produced and directed by Ulrich Thomsen). He plays a lone rider and drug dealer who's kind of trapped in the life he lives until he meets a mysterious woman

The movie has just become available almost worldwide through iTunes, and you can both rent and buy it from there.

So far we have no news of other ways to get your hand on the movie, so if you don't have iTunes, we recommend you either partner up with someone who has or give it a chance on your own computer (it runs on both Macs and PCs).

You can read more about In Embryo on IMDB.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Bestmanwins PosterTim DeKay's shortfilm, Best Man Wins, gets release date for iTunes.

It's been a while and it's required a lot of patience for those of you who've been waiting to watch Best Man Wins starring our very own Tim DeKay. If you weren't fortunate enough to be flying United Airlines back in April and got the chance to watch the movie then, now is your chance if you have iTunes.

On September 12 the film is digitally released in what seems to be the "standard list" of countires in which most projects are released in through iTunes. It'll include (of course) USA, more or less the entire Europe, some South American and Asian countries as well as a few African countries and Canada. Some of the larger countries that are expected to be excluded will most likely be Australia, New Zealand, China, Russia, Brazil and South Africa (to mention some of the countries where we know there are Collars living).

To be sure if you can watch Best Man Wins, we recommend you try from your local iTunes Store to begin with, and if that doens't work, try if you can get access to the American one. It might work for some of you.

If we hear about other platforms for watching Best Man Wins, we will of course let you know.

UPDATE: August 11, 2016
Here's the full list of countries where you'll for sure be able to watch the film (and enjoy the work of Tim DeKay):

USA, Argentina, Armenia, Anguilla, Austria, Antigua and Barbuda, Azerbaijan, Bahamas, Belarus, Belgium, Belize, Bermuda, Bolivia, Botswana, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, Cape Verde, Cayman Islands, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominica, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, El Salvador, Estonia, Fiji, Finland, France, Gambia, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guatemala, Guinea-Bissau, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, US Virgin Islands, British Virgin Islands, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Lao People's Democratic Republic, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macau, Malaysia, Malta, Mauritius, Mexico, Micronesia, Federated States of, Moldova, Republic Of, Mongolia, Mozambique, Namibia, Netherlands, Venezuela, Nicaragua, Niger, Norway, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sri Lanka, St. Kitts and Nevis, Swaziland, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tajikistan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkmenistan, Uganda, Ukraine, United Kingdom, Zimbabwe

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Last Tycoon is picked up by Amazon.

For those of you who have Amazon Prime there'll soon be a chance to see Matt Bomer on your screen again regularly. Earlier this summer the Pilot for The Last Tycoon premiered and after a month or so of voting and reviewing by the viewers, Amazon has decided to pick up the show and make it into a series. So far, 10 episodes have been ordered.

Alongside Matt you can see Lily Collins, Kelsey Grammar and more in this show based on an unfinished novel by F. Scott Fitsgerald, taking place right before World War II.

You can read more about The Last Tycoon on IMDB.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Willie wants a White Collar revival - just like the rest of us!

These days Willie are in London promoting a Sex And The City box, but it's not all about SATC. Digitaly Spy got to talk to him about White Collar as well, and he clearly expressed a wish for more White Collar - if only the powers that be would listen to us.

Check out the article here:

Digital Spy: White Collar star Willie Garson wants a revival: "Maybe a two-hour special".

Bts Wc6
(may we just add that we'll take any kind of more White Collar we can get, but we wouldn't mind a full Season 7 ;-))

Friday, January 15, 2016

If you wonder why we have this website and why we do what we do every week - this is your answer!

Click to enlarge the picture and read the message

Wc Message

Wednesday, December 2

Announcement: The winners of our huge give-away!

It's been challenging and very difficult for the members of Team WCCTV to choose between the many truly amazing entries we received for our giveaway, but finally the votes are in. Congratulations to all the winners - your prizes will be in the mail soon.

Thank you to everyone who entered!

And the winners are *drum roll*:


Tuesday, September 22

Shout-out to #CollarsHaveTies from SocialiteLife

In a "Who'd you rather"-post about Matt Bomer and Nick Jonas, SocialiteLife gave our campaign #CollarsHaveTies a wonderful shout-out today.

"Oh also, I'm assuming all of you-or at least most of you!-watch Matt on White Collar. Well a few of the very dedicated and totally awesome fans have figured out a way to try and get White Collar back on the air. They're using #CollarsHaveTies and fans who want more White Collar to send ties to the USA Network. Check it out and send your ties!"

That was to top off a day filled with positive reactions from Mr. Jeff Eastin himself, who chose to fave several campaign related tweets and - not least - retweet a WCCTV team member's tweet with one of our campaign edits.

Our campaign doesn't get much more official than that approval from Jeff Eastin (who, might we remind you, actually placed the idea in our heads a long time ago). We are of course excited to gain momentum these days, and we intend on making as good use of this as possible, but we can only do so much.

We still need YOU to join the army and send 1 or more ties (paper, drawings or real ties, whatever you have) to USA Network. It doesn't matter where in the world you live, all ties count!

#CollarsUnited keep fighting for our show, and we can make this happen!

Thursday, August 20

2nd campaign to convince TPTB that we need More White Collar has been set ashore!

In some of the interviews that Jeff Eastin (the creator of White Collar) gave around the time that White Collar ended in USA he mentioned that he'd been talking with someone on how to secure more White Collar episodes or how to enhance the chances of convincing USA Network that they should order a 7th season. The suggestion they came up with?

Send ties to USA Network!

So ... That's what we do.

Last time our campaign (the birthday cards for Neal) focused on Fox Television Studios who produced the series, but this time our target is of course USA Network where the show used to air.

Ties Second Edit

Check out our campaign site for more details on how to contribute and take part in this campaign:

Collars Have Ties

Tuesday, June 23

Jeff Eastin participates in AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit.

Tonight Jeff spent about 1½ hour on Reddit answering questions about everything, but a lot of the questions were - naturally - about White Collar. To our delight we were happy to see that he is very interesting in doing more White Collar or a White Collar movie if everything works out.

Team WCCTV of course asked about the birthday cards that #CollarsUnited sent to Fox Television Studios back in March in celebration of Neal's birthday - and in order to campaign for more episodes or a movie. In the gallery on our website we have pictures of about 100 birthday cards, and we hoped that maybe they had received about 200 in total. When we read Jeff's reply, we couldn't help smiling BIG. If that's really the truth, we definitely consider the campaign a success, and we thank each and every one of you who participated.

Click to enlarge the picture.


You can see all the White Collar related questions and answers on our Facebook page.

Sunday, April 19

4-part thriller starring Marsha Thomason premieres in the UK - and Tim DeKay's short movie heads off to Dallas.

Tomorrow on April 20, the UK's White Collar fans will get the chance to enjoy Marsha Thomason back on the their TVs when the 4-part thriller, Safe House, premieres. Marsha plays Katy, the wife of the main character played by Christopher Eccleston.

Read more about the mini-series on Mirror's website.

At the same time we're happy to say that after TriBeCa Film Festival (which by the way brought great praise) Tim DeKay's short film, Best Man Wins, is heading off to USA Film Festival in Dallas on April 23. If you live in the area, you should check it out - there's a free admission, so you can actually get to enjoy Tim on the big screen, even though it's for a short time.

You can find the details on the film festival's website.

Tuesday, April 14

Jeff Eastin tweets about hundreds of birthday cards!

Today was the day we got confirmation that our flood of birthday cards for Neal's birthday party were actually received by Fox Television Studios who passed them all on to Jeff Eastin. We can only conclude that our wish and screams for more White Collar or a White Collar movie have definitely not gone unnoticed.

Here's Jeff's tweet!

Jeff Nealsbday

Now the questions are: "How many cards did Neal receive?" and "Did we manage to convince TPTB to look into the possibility of more of our favorite show?" Those questions still remain unanswered.

Friday, March 20

Neal's Birthday Party reaches the media

Thanks to we're getting a little help (in the 11th hour) spreading the news about Neal's Birthday Party that is happening as we write these words!

WCCTV and Matt Bomer, White Collar and Neal Caffrey - all mentioned in the same article. How awesome is that? The whole team behind WCCTV hopes that this will cause many more fans and Collars to send their birthday greetings to Neal - even though they won't reach Fox Television Studios by tomorrow. They all count!

Read the article (thanks to Jorge Solis) right here:

"American Horror Story: Hotel" Matt Bomer gets Neal Caffrey "White Collar" birthday cards from fans!

Bdayparty Intro Stamp

Monday, March 16

Half the cast will be back on screen soon!

Lately several announcements that include members of the White Collar cast have been made, and we're pleased to know that we will soon have at least 3 of our favorite people back on screen.

First of all, we have Marsha Thomason in the upcoming, crowdfunded movie "The Extraordinary Farewell" starring opposite Seamus Dever from Castle. You can support the project and pledge for many seriously awesome perks by visiting their IndieGoGo fundraiser.

Click to pledge for The Extraordinary Farewell.

Among the perks you can get a follow from Marsha on Twitter, go have dinner with her or even secure a spot in the movie! All goodies for a true Collar.

Second up, it was recently announced that Tim DeKay will co-star in Fox' new Pilot, "Frankenstein". Tim will - once again - play an FBI Agent, and his co-star Rob Kazinsky will play his father reborn in a younger man's body. If this will be some version of White Collar meets True Blood, we'll have to wait and see.

Finally, it was announced just last night that Matt Bomer is once again joining forces with Ryan Murphy when he takes the male lead of the next season of "American Horror Story", named Hotel. Matt will be starring opposite none less than Lady Gaga, and Matt seems thrilled about this new project.

We still don't know much about the upcoming season of AHS, but you can follow the show on Twitter and on Facebook for more information.

New Projects
We wish all three of them best of luck on these new projects - and we're happy to see they have work to do while waiting for the White Collar reunion to happen ;-)

Friday, February 6

Release info on Season 6 DVD and complete series DVD box! has revealed the release date for White Collar Season 6 DVD (region 1) as May 5, 2015.

On the same day there'll be a Complete Series DVD Box available, but so far we have no info on whether this box includes something that has not yet been released, or if it will "only" be the previous 6 DVDs wrapped together in one big box.

Both items are already available for preorder from Amazon.

S6 Box Ad

More info on Season 6 DVD can be found here.
Check out the Complete Series Box here.

Friday, January 23

Sign the petition demanding more White Collar

A group of fans working toward the same goal as we are have created an online petition (please notice that the donation request on page 2 is voluntarily, you can just close the browser without donating) that we naturally encourage you to sign if you, too, want more White Collar or a White Collar movie. The petion is quite simple, and the more signatures it gets, the better the chance we can use it to convince TPTB that White Collar needs to be kept alive.

Furthermore, we ask you to check out the section "White Collar Movie" where we have listed all the ways we suggest you ask for more White Collar (Twitter, letters etc). We have also initiated a Thursday's campaign. Thursdays used to be #WhiteCollarThursday, but since there are no more episodes to enjoy, we are trying to change Thursdays into the day we all focus on tweeting and posting about #MoreWhiteCollar and #WhiteCollarMovie.

The longer we manage to keep this going, the better chance that Fox Television Studios, Jeff Eastin et al. realize that they need to bring back White Collar.

Keep it going, Collars!

Monday, January 12

Matt takes home the Golden Globes award!

What a way to start 2015! Last night's Golden Globes Award turned out very succesfully for Matt Bomer when he took home the award for Best Supporting Actor in a series, miniseries or movie made for TV for his role as Felix Turner in The Normal Heart.

This was a deserved win and honestly a nice comeback from the Emmy's where most people seemed to think he was robbed.

Congrats Matt2

We at WCCTV naturally wish Matt as huge congratulations on the award, and we are sure it will not be the last one going home to the Bomer-Halls household.

Wednesday, January 7

Matt wins People's Choice Award 2015!

Long overdue, but finally we made it, Collars. We managed to place enough votes to give Matt Bomer the well-deserved award as Fave Cable TV Actor for his work as Neal Caffrey on White Collar. Well done, Collars - congratulations, Matt!

Congrats Matt

People's Choice tweeted this picture from backstage right after Matt received the award with a message from Matt to all Collars, and we replied back with a proud and heartfelt: We love you, too!


Thursday, December 18

Today is the day ... The last episode of White Collar *sniff* 

BUT don't dispair! We have a surprise for you - a White Collar contest open to EVERYONE. Yes, you read that right. We mean EVERYONE! We are #CollarsUnited, and that's why there are no border limitations on this contest.

You can check out all the details
and beat the #WhiteCollarBlues right here


Thanks to Fox Television Studios for sponsoring DVDs.

Tuesday, December 16

Read the transcript of yesterday's press call with Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay.

Several media sites were invited to this press call, and some of them had encouraged fans to ask questions. We're happy to see that many fan questions actually were asked during this call.

You can read the entire transcript on TV Tango's website

We are even happier to tell you that we KEEP GETTING POSITIVE RESPONSES on movie tweets from Jeff King, Executive Producer, AND if you read the transcript above, you'll notice that both Matt and Tim would love to do a movie sometime in the future.

Monday, November 10

White Collar and Matt Bomer nominated to People's Choice Awards 2014!

Collars, this is the time to make your vote count - or votes to be exact, because you can vote all the times you want.

White Collars has been nominated to People's Choice Awards several years in a row, but they have never won. This will be our last chance to give the series the award it deserves, so you MUST VOTE - over and over again.

The direct link to voting in FAVORITE DRAMEDY is:!/home/all/81/2

While you're there voting for our favorite show, also remember to vote for our favorite con man. Matt Bomer has been nominated for the FIRST time ever as Favorite Cable Actor.

The direct link to voting for Matt is:!/home/all/40/2

Get your fingers moving - vote, vote, vote!

Thursday, October 2

Collars worldwide support the troops!

Give 2thetroops

Monday, September 22

We got a fave from Jeff Eastin and confirmation on DVD release!

Last night we got a small indication that Jeff Eastin might interested in the idea of a White Collar movie. Over the weekend there has been a lot of talk on Twitter (as always, we might add) about the possibility of getting a movie instead, now that USA Network has decided to ditch the show.

Suddenly - almost out of the blue (not complete, because he was tagged in the tweet ;-)) - Jeff Eastin reacted to our request about a movie script by faving our tweet! We take this as a positive sign!

Jeff Fave

For a movie to happen a lot of things have to work out. One of these is the financial part. This is one way the fans can help out - by crowdfunding. We have initiated a poll asking all White Collar viewers if you would be interested in pledging to a crowdfunding campaign. If you haven't already stated your opinion, please do so.

You find the poll here (and please vote no matter if you vote yes, no, maybe or depends)

Furthermore just a few minutes ago Fox Television Studio actually replied to a tweet from Collars discussing the release date of the Season 5 DVD. The DVD will be out on November 4 - 2 days before the final 6 episodes start airing!


Friday, September 12

White Collar is back on November 6!

Today USA Network announced that the last 6 episodes of White Collar will start airing on November 6 at 9 pm. They also (finally) admitted that they have shut down the series by now officially calling it "the final season" (though we have a hard time calling 6 episodes a season).


In the press release USA Network President, Chris McCumber, says:

"From its inception, White Collar captured a massive and loyal following, in large part due to the incredible on-screen chemistry between Matt and Tim, who deserve credit for one of the most brilliantly performed 'bromances' in all of television. The series also benefited from smart writing and an extraordinarily talented supporting cast, who helped it become a fan favorite crime drama for five straight years. This season will not disappoint, with an exciting and shocking ending that fans will never forget."

Yet they still decided to throw out this gem.... We hope that someone will realize soon that the world needs more White Collar. Let's get that movie going, alright?!

It was a bittersweet announcement for sure, but at least we now know when the show will be back, and when we should prepare to celebrate the wonderful and magical 6 years, we have had in the company of White Collar.

Wednesday, August 27

We can reveal the working titles of 4 of the 6 final episodes (maybe a slight spoiler warning is appropriate here).

The titles are:
601 - Borrowed Time
602 - Return to Sender
603 - Uncontrolled Variables
604 - All Is Fair
605 - Whack A Mole
606 - Au Revoir

It will be exciting to see if they titles will remain (they most likely will). We'll update if we find out more information.

Tuesday, July 15

Well Collars, the White Collar Project so many of you contributed to has been delivered, and received with gratitude and enthusiasm.

Six hard cover, very professional looking books, one for each of the six main cast were produced; each book containing some of the same, and some unique content, submitted by you, the fans. Enclosed in each book was a DVD of fan-made videos and video messages.

Two of our Team Members are currently on vacation in New York. They have visited several White Collar location shoots, and on Tuesday, July 15th they visited the White Collar Set at Silver Cup Studios. They were able to meet with Matt, Tim, Willie and Tiffani, and gave each of them their unique books personally. Marsha and Sharif were not working that day, but their books were left in good hands, and we're confident they will be given to each of them later this week (thanks again, Miriam!).

We know it's so hard to wait, but we promise we will be posting a full disclosure of each of the books, as well as photos and stories from the set visit. Please be patient as we're not able to do this until our Team Members have returned home from New York. We expect to have the site updated in early August, and we will let you know when it's done.

Thank you to everyone who participated and donated to make these unique books with DVDs from White Collar fans worldwide possible!

Tuesday, July 1

We've had a minor break - but are you ready to make some noooiiiiseee???

As most of you probably know we've been working on a project for the last month or so. That project is over now, so we should probably once again focus on our campaign for more episodes of White Collar. Are you with us?

Please check the list of things YOU can do, and let's take USA Network by surprise. They probably think that we've given up now after being quiet for a while, but let's make this a blast and tell them that we still think 6 episodes are way too little for a show like White Collar.

Write them, tweet them, post messages on Facebook.

Remember to tag USA Network in all tweets where you write about how awesome White Collar is ;-)

Saturday, May 24

Just to let you know that we're still here!

Even though we haven't posted any news lately, we're still here, and we're stilling working on supporting White Collar. We have a new project in the making - one we won't publish info on here, but if you want more information, please get in touch with us on the email.

Furthermore, latest news: Apparently Matt Bomer got a "wild idea" on how to end White Collar, and in his words the end will be "fun and fitting".

And speaking of the end... Seriously USA Network, how about announcing that this IS the final season so that all fans will know! Oh, wait... You're afraid of doing so because that will cause our White Collar army to grow explosively? Come on, already!

Sunday, May 4

USA Network's executives block White Collar fans on Twitter!

Without warning or any explanation WCCTV as well as a growing number of individual White Collar fans are being blocked on Twitter by USA Network's executives, especially President Chris McCumber and PR Manager Kristin Hynes.

What wonders us the most is WHY? None of us have been rude, none of us have tweeted/tagged them excessively. Some of those who have been blocked by Ms. Hynes actually never tweeted her at all!

Furthermore, it seems like they have also chosen to ignore our email that we wrote a few days back asking for an explanation. This is very strange since we have previously communicated with Mr. McCumber both on Twitter and on email.

Of course we can create theories about this like: "We backed them into a corner" or "They have no defense in their treatment of White Collar!", but the truth is: We don't know.

We can only encourage all of you to keep supporting and promoting White Collar. We definitely got to USA Network, but did we get through to them?

Friday, April 25

A big thank you to!

Once again we get major support from They pubslished this article on their site today:

Fans Unite - USA Network's hit show White Collar deserves more!

Check it out and follow Whedonopolis on Twitter and Facebook.

Thursday, April 24


We're setting a new even ashore. This time we want to include Fox Television Studios and the easiest way to do this is to send both Fox AND USA Network an email or two (or 3 or more) on

Monday, April 28 - the event is for the entire day, primarily focusing on midnight to midnight NYC-time (EST).

These are the email addresses you need to write to:

USA Network: (general) (president)

Fox Television Studio: (PR/publicity) (president)

Remember to be polite and constructive!

Monday, April 21


After having involved Fox Television Studios in our campaign we actually got a response from the PR company, represented by Leslie Oren. Originally the email was sent to the president of FtvS, but apparently he chose to pass it on to Leslie who wrote:

"Thank you for the passion and commitment you and your fans continue to impart on the show. Rest assured we are fighting for White Collar as hard as we can, and certainly will pass along the below sentiments."

Fox Svar

Friday, April 18


The President of USA Network actually responded to an email today. This is huge progress, and we finally got confirmation that they DO read our messages. Here are some quotes from the correspondance:

"Thanks for your passion around White Collar. Understand why you would want more, but I do hope you enjoy the new episodes."

On a follow-up question on whether he reads our comments and tweets, he said:

"I do read em every day. Its just tough to respond since I get SO many for all of our shows. But I do appreciate the passion that you and all of our fans have for USA."

Towards the end of the correspondance, we got this bit of information that is actually specific and useful:

"We love WC too - but it also comes down to a business decision. In a season 6, the show is VERY VERY expensive to produce. So that weighs into our decision about how many episodes to order."

When we argued that other series have been expensive, too, but received more seasons, he finished off by saying:

"Another thing to consider. If a network owns the show, it's much easier to do more episodes since we gain revenue from syndication. We own Covert & Psych (as well as Suits, Royal Pains, and our new series Satisfaction) Fox owns White Collar. Sometimes those factors weigh into the decision as well."

- This gives us something to work with. We need to include Fox more into our campaign and we need to focus a little more on the crowdfunding options - we'll work on that and let you all know what to do.

Friday, April 11


We're considering making little gifts to USA Network a part of our campaign inspired by the fans of Jericho who sent nuts to CBS Studio executives (read the article here) - mostly to gain attention.

However, we need to unite and have as many of you do this if we want to make an impact. The question is:

Would you participate in such a campaign and what would you prefer to send?

Click and state your opinion in this poll!

No matter what will be the chosen gift (if any), we will of course provide you with links to various sites of interest as well as suggestions on how to do this.

Sunday, April 6


Collars unite and post a message on USA Network's Facebook site tomorrow on April 7.

We simply encourage you to write a brief message stating that you want more episodes of White Collar - no matter if it be an extended Season 6, a full Season 6 or even a Season 7. Just ask for more episodes. It's quite simple actually.

Sunday, March 30

The President knows we're here!

Tonight Mr. Chris McCumber, President of USA Network, responded to a tweet from a fan asking for more episodes of White Collar and using the campaign tag #WhiteCollarForFULLS6. This should motivate all of us to fight and make even more noise!

Chris Tweet1

Well, if you all join the email campaign tomorrow, we suspect they'll know that we are actually quite a few fans and that they just can't shut down White Collar yet.

Friday, March 28


Collars unite and send an email to USA Network on Monday March 31.

Email address to use is

We ask all of you to send at least one email to this address simply asking for more than 6 more episodes. You can also let them know how much and why you love the show.

Go for it, fans of White Collar - let's bombard USA Network with emails on Monday!

Friday, March 21

It's official!!

White Collar has been renewed for 6 episodes - just 6... However! Neither NBC Universal, USA Network or the director Chris McCumber want to confirm or comment on these six episodes being the last we'll get from White Collar.

This is important! This is an open door for us to kick in. We need to let USA, NBC and FOX know that 6 episodes simply isn't enough of a decent closure. The fight is far from over, Collars! It's now that every tweet, every Facebook post, every letter, every email, every everything count the most!

Thursday, March 20

Today marks the 7 weeks since the Season finale of White Collar - and we still have no official announcement of any kind of renewal.

However! We have had a bunch of RT's from the cast regarding the newest part of the #WhiteCollarForS6 campagin - donate to buy DVDs for the troops!

Williert 1

Jeffkingrt 1

Timrt 1

Bridgetreganrt 1

Hopefully, we will receive many donations - as small or as big as you can afford. It's all for the greater good of White Collar.

We also need to address the interview of Matt Bomer from SXSW in which he stated at the end (in answer to a question about upcoming projects): "I have the last season of White Collar - start filming probably this summer".

This does NOT mean that we should take Season 6 for granted. It is - unfortunately - not an official confirmation, and neither does he say anything about the structure of Season 6 (TV movie, mini series or full season). Please do not stop fighting for a full Season 6 because of Matt's statement.

We need to keep going!

Finally, the latest bit of news from today is another news site picking up on our fight for Season 6.

International Business Times A.U. Edition published this article on their website:

White Collar Season 6: Not yet renewed, desperate fans open Twitter account

Please leave a comment on their site to acknowledge their attention.

Sunday, March 16

Look at this lovely tweet from Treat Williams who played Neal's dad on White Collar.


Let's hope that TPTB see this as well!

Saturday, March 15

We are receiving more and more support from media sites by now. First of all, we're happy to see that tweeted about White Collar on March 12.


The same day Matt Carter Media tweeted this:


Finally, yesterday on March 14 wrote this article on their website:

Fans Unite to save USA Network's hit show White Collar

Click to read the article - and please post a comment and show your supoort there as well.

Friday, March 7

Thursday's cable ratings

We know this really won't make much of a difference in respect to getting an announcement on Season 6 of White Collar, but it still warms our hearts to see the cable ratings from last night.

As you all know, Thursday used to be "White Collar Thursday", and when we look at the ratings from last night, we're delighted to say that the last 4 episodes of White Collar Season 5 as well as ALL (except 8) episodes of Seasons 1-4 would have ranked higher than any of the USA Network shows that were on last night.

Our Collar hearts are happy and hopefully the number crunchers that count see it the same way and this is just another positive on the way to securing a full Season 6 of our favorite series.

Have a great weekend!

Tuesday, March 4

During the last 3-4 days many viewers and fans of White Collar have posted on USA Network's Facebook page. Almost half of all posts have been about the lack of announcement on the series' future.

We only encourage all of you to keep posting, both on Facebook and on Twitter:

But as always: Remember to be constructive and no bashing!

Friday, February 28

Willie is with us again - being the only cast member who still comments on the lack of information on renewal.

Willie Garson @WillieGarson · Feb 27

To @WhiteCollarUSA fans, we thank you for the love and support, but WE (me, Tim, Matt, Tiffany, Sharif, Marsha) have NOTHING to do with it

WE (the cast) want @WhiteCollarUSA back as much as you all do, please be aware of that and that we are waiting just like the rest of you

Monday, February 24

Just a little update...

A few hours ago it was time for the major Twitter campaign. We are sad to say that we didn't trend, but it was a tough job since we had to compete with among other things new content released on Netflix and the unfortunate death of actor Harold Ramis.

However, fellow Collars. We did do quite well after all!

According to we reached 7,600 tweets including #WhiteCollarForS6 in the first hour of the campaign.

Many countries were represented across time zones to do this campaign, and we even got help from BuddyTV who was so kind to post no less than two tweets about White Collar encouraging their +30,000 followers to RT. Thanks a lot, @BuddyTV.

We were also happy to see that Treat Williams quoted a tweet that included the hashtag. That single tweet from Treat gained 35 RTs. Thanks @Rtreatwilliams for noticing and quoting.

If you're considering starting another trending campaign, then check out this article on "How to make a trending topic" - we need to be aware of a few things in the future.

Saturday, February 22

Thank you!

First of all we want to thank all who have followed on Twitter already and who are visiting the website. We are glad to know that we are so far from alone in our support of White Collar and a full 6th Season of the series. We need it!

So far we've had 255 unique visitors on the site covering 44 countries as far apart as USA, Italy, Denmark, Canada, South Korea, South Africa, Bangladesh, Nicaragua, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, Australia, France and many more.

On Twitter we now have more than 100 followers - in just one week! We're so happy that all of you have chosen to join us.

WE NEED MORE WHITE COLLAR, so keep spreading the word out there.

White Collar knows no boundaries - neither do Collars!

Thursday, February 20

Trend campaign on Twitter!

Okay, Collars - we'll try again. Let's make #WhiteCollarForS6 trend on Twitter. It's all taking place this Monday the 24th of February. These are the times you'll need to be on Twitter:

3:00 AM (25th of February) - East Australia etc
1:00 AM (25th of February) - West Australia, Philippines, Japan etc.
22:30 / 10:30 PM - India
21:00 / 9:00 PM - Russia, Saudi Arabia etc.
19:00 / 7:00 PM - Eastern Europe, Finland, Greece, Egypt, South Africa etc
18:00 / 6:00 PM - CET Central Europe, Scandinavia, Spain, Nigeria, Algeria etc
17:00 / 5:00 PM - GMT Great Britain, Portugal, Iceland etc
14:00 / 2:00 PM - Brazil, Argentina, Greenland, etc.
13:00 / 1:00 PM - Venezuela, Chile etc.
12:00 PM (noon) - EST East USA, Colombia, Peru, East Canada etc.
11:00 AM - CST Central USA, Mexico, Central Canada etc.
10:00 AM - MST Mountain time USA, Canada etc.
09:00 AM - PST West USA, West Canada etc.

Are you in a timezone not mentioned and you want us to list the time relevant for you, please let us know.

Friday, February 14

Latest news came from Willie in a tweet stating:

Willie Garson @WilleGarson · Feb 14 

Message to fans of @WhiteCollarUSA ----calm down. What will be, will be. The support and love is awesome, just relax, USA is working on it.

Tuesday, February 11 has an article about the future of White Collar. Apparently it faces an "uncertain future", because talks between the production companies have stalled.

"How will it end? USA's 'White Collar' faces uncertain future as renewal talks stall"
Click to read the article at