Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

Open storylines

  • Will Peter find Neal, and can they get back together as friends/partners?

  • What question did Mozzie want to ask Jones after he won the bet in the van?

  • Did Neal go straight? Or did he and Mozzie partner up as con men again?

  • What happened to Neal's father?

  • We never got to hear more about Neal's mother - where is she, what happened to their relationship?

  • Has Mozzie reinstated his empire? Or how will he handle that FBI/Peter knows about Teddy Winters?

  • Will Neal and Sara ever be back together? That proposal on the top of the Empire State Building seemed like more than a con.

  • What happened to Sara's sister?

  • Where are Mozzie's parents? Who are they? Will he ever know?

  • Throughout 5 seasons Neal has dreamed about a white picket fence, a loving woman in his life... Will he ever get that? Will he find his one true love?

  • For several seasons fans have been craving a Christmas episode. We need to include a Christmas somehow, just to please the many loyal fans.

  • What happened to Reese Hughes? And why did we never see a "In Memory of James Rebhorn" at the end of one of the last episodes?

  • We need Tim's and Matt's idea about Peter and Neal being stuck in an elevator to come true.

The fans want to cooperate on bringing back the show that has brought us all together, united across borders, age, gender and religion.

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