Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

Cast videos

We recorded as much as possible when we presented the gifts to the cast. We managed to do some videos of Tim, Willie, Matt and Tiffani receiving their gifts. They are not high quality videos (filmed on phone), but they are hopefully good enough for you to get a glimpse of their reactions and responses. Thanks to Miriam for lending a hand on three of the videos.

  • Tim was the first cast member to receive the book with personal messages from fans across the world as well as a kind of "trip down Memory Lane". He was touched!

  • Willie receives the book, and he totally loves it. We definitely took him by surprise on that one.

  • Matt receives the book with all the messages, photos, funny and weird stuff... Notice Willie's comment in the background.

  • We actually brought Tiffani (and Marsha) two gifts, so this video shows Tiffani unwrapping a personal gift from a fan before she unwraps - and reacts to - the book.