Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

The Mission & Extras

Before we truly knew the fate of White Collar, several fans created campaign videos to attract attention to the show. Since we had a section in the book called "The Mission", we created a similar section on the DVD and included the first two videos you'll find below.

The final part of the DVD was of course "Extra Material" - a little something that you always find on DVDs that is connected, but not necessarily part of the movie or the main content. We decided to include two videos that had made all of us laugh out loud - several times - when watching, and we bet you laughed, too. The main reason for including these two videos was simply to tell especially Matt and Tim that we love their craziness and we thank them very much for bringing us joy.

  • Trisha's fight video from the spring also found a spot on the DVD.

  • One of the very good campaign videos from the fight for more episodes of White Collar.

  • *excessive pointing* This made us LOL!

  • - snugglelicious! This made us LOL even more!