Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

Neal's Birthday Party


Throughout March 2015 we ran this campaign in order to attract attention to our primary goal: Bringing back White Collar in one way or another.

So far we haven't heard anything from Fox Television Studios, but the pictures below prove that more than 100 birthday cards were sent to Neal. WE consider that a success!

UPDATE: On June 23, 2015, Jeff Eastin wrote this reply on a RedditAMA when we asked about the birthday cards:

Reddit Answer

UPDATE: On April 14, 2015, Jeff Eastin tweeted this:

Jeff Nealsbday

Thanks to everyone who joined us and participated in the event.

March 21 was Neal Caffrey's birthday, and Collars worldwide wanted to celebrate and wish him happy birthday by sending him birthday cards from all over the world - but how could we do that when we don't know his address anymore??

Below you can read what we did and why.

Why are we doing this?

Neither the Collars nor the cast and crew were ready to say goodbye when USA Network decided it was time. That's why we are now working for some kind of continuation of the show, maybe a movie. If you take a look at our "White Collar Movie"-page you'll see a few quotes from Jeff Eastin, Matt Bomer and Tim DeKay who all express the interest in getting back together.

Let's make FOX TV Studios aware that we need White Collar & Neal back on screen by flooding them with birthday cards for Neal's birthday. Maybe they will pass them on and ask Neal to come back now that the Pink Panthers are behind bars?

The main objective is to catch attention from FtvS to let them know that WE ARE NOT DONE WITH WHITE COLLAR! Let's make an impact!

Send your cards to:

Fox Television Studios
Att.: Neal Caffrey, White Collar
10201 W. Pico Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Prepare your birthday cards for Neal and then send them to the address above. You can send as many cards as you want to (the more the better actually).

If you want to share your card with the rest of us, we encourage you to take a picture of the card, so we can put it online here, on Facebook and on Twitter for everyone to see. You can reach us through our Contact page (you can also use that if you have any questions or suggestions).

Bdayparty Intro Stamp

Below you can see a little selection of some of the cards that are already on their way to Neal .... or should we say Fox TV Studios? We encourage you to use the hashtags:


(also in your cards, because those are simple messages to FtvS).

100 different cards are pictured below! Thanks to everyone sending us pictures :-)

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