Thank you, White Collar,
for 6 amazing seasons!

The Postcard Project


We're not kidding you. This is true. We HAVE BEEN giving away for free no less than 479 postcards that were used on White Collar, Season 4, episode 16.

All Gone
Why did we do this, you may ask? Why did we want to spend thousand of dollars on postcards, stamps and envelops so that people could have these for free? The answer is very simple: Because we love the White Collar fandom and the concept of #CollarsUnited.

We know that not everyone had the fortune of meeting the cast and crew or getting a precious memorabilia from the series themselves, and so we wanted to spread the joy and share this with as many of our fellow fans as possible.

And as if this wasn't enough:

57 random Collars received a little extra "something". Again, completely free of charge!

Below you can see some of the sweet messages we've received from Collars around the world.... See... We weren't kidding you. We actually DID give these away for free!

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